AP Physics

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AP ( Advanced Placement ) PHYSICS ile Dünyanın en iyi mühendislik fakültelerine gidebilirsiniz.
We finish AP courses with intensive courses for 3 months.
Later our student will finish our courses with 16 practice exam exams.
Your success in AP exams is valid both in the United States, in the UK, and in Europe.
You will receive AP courses and you will not have to earn a high degree of acceptance. You will also be exempt from examinations for which you have taken good grades.
Physics B Physics C : It's necessary for engineering science.
This course provides a systematic introduction to the main principles of physics and emphasizes the development of conceptual understanding and problem-solving ability using algebra and trigonometry, but rarely calculus.
In most colleges, this is a one-year terminal course including a laboratory component and is not the usual preparation for more advanced physics and engineering courses.
However, the B course provides a foundation in physics for students in the life sciences, premedicine, and some applied sciences, as well as other fields not directly related to science.
Our recommendation is to complete these exams before the high school reaches the final class.
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