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IB Mathematics SL, HL And Further Math

Our IB mathematics courses are taught by specialist teachers in the field of IB. You can also take our IB mathematics courses in compliance with the YGS-LYS exams if you wish. You can also get it in accordance with SAT mathematics.

TrialTopicIB Boot CampThe Definitive Solution
1/41 Course10 Courses25 Courses
1/4 Hours2 Hours20 Hours50 Hours
Sessions for recognizing our teachersYou can work on topics you do not understand or understand.Work towards IB finalsRegular work
3 free exams15 free practice exams30 free practice exams

You can also prepare for SAT math exams, IB mathematics lessons. After IB mathematics, we also solve SAT questions about the same topic.

TrialTopicIB Boot CampDefinite Solution
1/4 Course1 Course10 Courses25 Courses
1/4 Hour2 Hours20 Hours50 Hours
Free1 SAT course 1.5 hours10 SAT Courses

IB COURSES MATH HL , MATH SL , Further Maths , Optional Topics P3 subjects
Courses with IB professional teachers.
Support for IB mathematics courses.

Under the direction of Sukru Yigit we offer unique opportunities with ODTU- Bogazici and MIT graduates CHRIS, UChicago Alumni ALPER (Koc graduate) teachers.
Our SL Math average last year: 6
Our average HL math: 5.5

Also the IB MATH HL - options are very easy with us.

IB HL - SL Math tutors. We offer IB math tutoring. We provide IB mathematics courses on Skype, whether you are in your home or office.
IB option Topics

  • Discrete Math
  • Set and Groups
  • Differential Equations

Exploration topic determination, Exploration consultancy
PAST examlar, IB private lessons from IB examiners.
High achievement with specialized IB mathematics teachers in their fields.
ROBERT, Uskudar Amerikan, Hisar, KOC Highschool, Eyuboglu, Marmara, ITU GV we have our students in the top five rankings of all IB schools.
AP , IB with our programs. IB math HL course.

Solving Past Papers 2010 may -2010 Nov Past IB papers, More study with IB Practice Exams.
Aiding math portfolios (you may use our services in case emergency).
Free Practice exams in our office.
All IB lessons and IB assistance ( labs reports,portfolios , essay assistance etc) are available. Whatever you need about IB is available for us.