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IB Turkish

IB COURSES Turkish HL ,SL , Extended Essay
IB Turkish Private Course, IB Turkish Extended Essay
IB Turkish courses are taught by IB examiners.
DP Turkish Literature teachers who have ideally prepared students for at least one DP exam session at either Higher or Standard level. Participants will be expected to have a good understanding and practical experience in the assessment so they can share good practices.
Our IB Turkish Lessons focus on IB programme delivery.
They emphasize assessment, teaching and learning methodologies, and exploring best practice in the classroom.
These workshops are designed for Turkish Literature teachers who are keen to improve the teaching and learning experience in the DP classroom.
During the workshops, there will be opportunities to: discuss and analyse DP standards and practices, explore and share appropriate strategies to improve student access to the DP; for example, differentiating the curriculum and offering multilingual classrooms, focus on aspects of assessment to ensure that teaching and learning activities promote student achievement and address subject-specific assessment criteria, both internal and external

  1. review integration of the IB philosophy, theory of knowledge (TOK) and creativity, action, service (CAS) in the DP classroom
  2. reflect on collaborative planning that explores connections between subjects that can reinforce knowledge, understanding and skills
  3. review the role of the extended essay supervisor and subject-specific assessment criteria discuss implementation of DP policies and procedures
  4. learn about broad changes to the DP (newly published guides following a curriculum review will be the focus of specially designed category 3 workshops called “subject-specific seminars”)