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Veritas Education

Veritas Educational Counseling Veritas was established by Sükrü Yigit in 2005. Our academic staff consists of either university academicians or teachers who are experts in their fields. Our aim is to train self-confident individuals. We believe that being a self-confident individual is closely related with making right choices about his or her future occupation. In this respect, we organise our students’ schedules together with their career plannings.
We are training in our Etiler and Atasehir training centers. Students who demand to take home study or on-line study are also satisfied.
We can send our students to the best universities in Turkey and in the world after the determination of appropriate accupation related with his or her interest.


Sukru : METU Mathematics ’94, LSE-BU MBA 2000: AP- IB- SAT Teacher
Mr. Jared : University of Chicago Phd Columbia ACT SAT Teacher
Mr. Luis : Emory ACT SAT Teacher
Mr. Yunus : Sourbonne - NYU ACT SAT Teacher
Ms. Ayse : LSE ACT SAT Teacher
Ms. Irem : NYU ACT SAT Teacher
Mr. Gerd : Columbia ACT SAT Teacher
Mr. Chris : MIT ACT SAT Teacher
Ms. Gozde : Bogazici ACT SAT Teacher
Mr.Timothy : Munich Philosophy- Economics, Columbia Political Sciences
Mr Reha : Galatasaray University, SOAS- UCL Social Sciences- Politics
Umit Bey: IB Economics and AP Economics Teacher
Eda Hanim: Bogazici University Chemistry
Ege Bey: Bogazici University Chemistry
Selen Hanim: Bogazici University Physics
Gokhan Bey: Istanbul University Physics
Hasan Bey: METU Mathematics
Dogan Bey: METU Mathematics
Ersin Bey: Ankara University Mathematics
Emrah Bey: Marmara University Turkish Language and Literature