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Study Management and Economics in Turkey

Teaching English in Turkey, which has more than 30 Management and Business Faculty. The vast majority of these schools are Private Universities. 14 of the State Universities are provided with English Management and Business training.
Management and Business Education fees in Turkish private universities range from $ 1,000 to $ 10,000 annually. Scholarship opportunities are also available according to SAT Score. State universities charge a little less.
If you get a score 900 more than from the SAT exams, you can apply into the Management and Business Faculties in private universities. 
Turkish universities do not consider how many times you enter the SAT exam. You can submit the highest SAT score. Therefore, the SAT exam is more advantageous than the YÖS Exam. SAT examination is held 4 times a year. The YÖS examination is held once a year. This grants you the right to enter the test five times in total.

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2. YÖS Programmes

Classes up to 10 students. 1700 TL price per person.