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IB psychology

The main goal of IB Psychology courses is to deepen students' perceptions of the nature and scope of psychology. This goal is analyzed in three different levels within the program; biological, cognitive and sociocultural.
IB Psychology Courses are given as HL or SL. The greatest difference between HL and SL levels is that SL students are not responsible for the quality of the research methodology. In the external assessment SL students have to write two essays and HL students have to write three essays. For internal assesment, students should research and report as individual or group work

We support our students in understanding the theoretical knowledge given at three different levels of analysis and pass on the topics covered in the school so that they can reinforce their knowledge. We are dealing with the greatest negotiating questions in psychology at all levels of analysis, focusing on different approaches.

It is one of the most important elements of IB Psychology to examine the important researches made since the past. Examining the research on the one hand makes it easier to understand the methodology and dynamics of the research while illuminating the students on the source of our current knowledge. We support our students in perceiving the common aspects of people, and in their conceptions of various effects on human behavior and mental processes.
Understanding the Human Being As one of the priorities of the IB Diploma Program, we prepare our students' specialized curriculum by blending the knowledge that contributes to the understanding of our students, and by analyzing them in a one-to-one manner.

Our IB Psychology Courses are offered as 90 minute lessons. Ataşehir, Caddebostan and Etiler branches can also take these lessons. You can also take our psychology lessons online.